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642 10 months ago 34:03

A Black Man Fucks A Girl Behind His Sister's Back-gamers

A gorgeous beauty named Kali Rose came to visit her dark-skinned girlfriend to play computer games with her. The girls got very carried away with the game, and a dark-skinned male came out to them, who was the brother of our heroine's friend. When baby Kali saw the guy, she immediately got excited, and when he left, she spread her legs and began to masturbate right behind her friend's back. The Negro, hearing some moans, decided to go check on the girls, and when he saw that baby Kali was shaking her pink pussy, he did not hesitate long to take out his penis and began waving it in front of the blonde. The beauty gladly began to suck the guy's big trunk, making him just a great blowjob. After an excellent suction, the Negro put the beauty in the right position and penetrated his big black cock into a young girl. Our heroine was moaning very loudly, it's strange that her friend didn't hear it, because all the action was happening right behind her. The Negro skillfully fucked a sexy bitch, and finally lowered his hot sperm right into the girl's mouth.

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