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449 9 months ago 31:05

A Black Student Fucked A Classmate's Mom

A dark-skinned guy meets his classmate Lauren Phillips for a long time and often fucks her after couples. Hoping for another sex, he stopped by the girl's house, but the baby had already run away for extra classes. But her naked stepmother was sitting in an open room and shaving her legs. The beauty with red hair literally exuded sexual energy and the student could not resist. The lady invited the boy to do a massage to feel how his strong hands caress her beautiful figure, and go down to the ass, squeeze it, spend on tattoos. The slut quickly turned on, and allowed the Negro to suck his papillae before spreading his legs. The fiery pubis beckoned him to touch his nose, and the tongue sought to plunge into the insatiable pussy and caress the clitoris. But the skin also wanted to feel a big dick in his mouth, because the mulatto dutifully took off his underpants and enjoyed a great blowjob, after which the mother climbed on him. The naughty bitch rides passionately on her daughter's young lover, the baby liked how he drove his dick deeper and deeper, forcing her to scream and bite her lips.

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