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A Depraved Baby Fucked With Her Father's Friend

The sweet girl Carolina Sweets was resting after a hard day and studying when a friend of her father, who was distinguished by a strong physique and the ability to do a relaxing massage, entered the room. The girl melted from his strong and at the same time gentle male hands, so when the stallion touched her lips with his own, the bitch was already unstoppable, the desire that flared up in her completely engulfed her. The man, on the other hand, took out a vibrator and began to stimulate the clitoris with it, a lady's pussy, which had already released the first drops of pleasure and passion. The stallion turned out to be a fairly experienced lover, so he taught the young student the wisdom of sexual satisfaction, from lip caresses to the ability to thrust his sinewy and elastic penis into the bosom of a young beauty. At the same time, the lady received several short-term orgasms, and the male still could not calm down and greedily pierced his huge stake through the cave, which choked with violently released moisture. Hard and varied sex ended only when the elastic bolt became soft, ending right on the face of the daughter of the best friend.

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