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102 4 weeks ago 22:49

A Gentle Couple Had Sex In A White Room

A young blonde Nancy A with a beautiful figure is sitting in an armchair in a completely white room. When her lover appears, the beauty sends him to his place, and she, along with kisses, smoothly descends to his underpants, and pushing them aside, pulls out a penis. The baby gently runs her tongue over it, slides all over the trunk, barely touches it, and begins to suck it slowly, each time trying to take it as deep as possible into her mouth. The lover also wanted to please his princess, and, turning her sideways, began to kiss her hips while plunging his finger into her pussy. The girl moaned sweetly when the guy began to caress her with his tongue, pushing her labia apart, the bitch really liked it, her juices flowed down her legs. After a magnificent cunnilingus, he inserted his penis into the lovely slut. The hips moved in slowly, allowing the baby to enjoy this magnificent feeling inside, when the head slid faster and faster into her, forcing her to sigh languidly and bite her lips from an incredible feeling. But the blonde beauty likes to sit on top, because the baby took the initiative and straddled him.

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