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A Glamorous Guy Fucked His Hot Girlfriend In The Ass

A cute girl named Carolina Vogue just loves shopping, today the girl returned home with a lot of packages from different stores. The beauty invited home her glamorous friend, who is well versed in fashion, to try on all the clothes she bought in front of his eyes. The guy gladly agreed to this, because he adored looking at girls and correcting their image. Our heroine began to change clothes right in front of the guy, unconsciously arousing him. At one point, the baby took out an anal plug from the package, and asked her friend to stick it in her ass. The guy was pleasantly surprised by the girl's sexual desire, she happily stuck a sex toy in the ass of a dark-haired beauty. The girl wanted more, and the guy decided to give it to her. He quickly pulled off his pants and sat the beauty on his long cock, the baby began to fuck with her boyfriend, getting great pleasure from sex. At one point, the boy took the plug out of the girl's ass and stuck his hard penis there, the male fucked the brunette properly in a variety of poses, forcing the bitch to moan loudly from good anal sex.

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