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555 9 months ago 38:09

A Guy With A Big Dick Fucked His Brother's Girlfriend

A cute little girl named Nicole Bexley finally decided to give herself to her boyfriend, the couple had been dating for about a month and they did not go further than passionate kisses. The Latin beauty really missed the hard cock in her pink hole, so she offered the guy a good time. The girl quickly took off her T-shirt and gave the guy to play with her tits, after which the baby climbed into the guy's pants for his penis and did not feel anything there. The boy's penis was very small and quite soft, so the girl just laughed. The kid was shocked by this and went to lift his penis into the bathroom, while he was doing it, the beautiful Nicole decided to play with her pussy, and at this time the younger brother of the girl's boyfriend was watching her. The baby saw this and asked to give her a good massage, the boy was not averse to touching such a sexy baby and gladly did it. The beauty noticed that the boy had a very huge penis and decided to have fun with her boyfriend's brother properly. The boy was only happy to fuck such a sexy thing, because unlike his brother, he did not have much popularity among girls, but after that day he certainly appeared, because in bed he turned out to be just a great lover.

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