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168 2 months ago 32:48

A Man Fucked A Baby Who Ran Away From Home

Petite blonde Riley Star got tired of her boring life and decided to go on a trip with one backpack. The lustful little girl left a note to her parents and ran away. Walking along the road, the girl met a handsome man in an expensive car who agreed to give her a ride. The student smiled mischievously and looked depraved at the driver, gradually her hands began to slide over his knees, trying to get to his fly. The man was pleasantly surprised by her behavior, and allowed the bitch to continue the caresses by taking out his penis. He enjoyed a passionate blowjob without looking up from the road. Running his fingers over her ass, he slipped under a small skirt and noticed that the slut had already lowered her panties, and her cap was already very wet. Without thinking twice, he picked up the baby and abruptly planted it on his penis, starting to fuck without stopping the movement of the car. The man wanted more passion, but in such conditions it is impossible, so he pressed the brake, and, turning the skin into a chair, began to tear it furiously, slapping on the ass. The blonde moaned loudly and asked him to push his penis harder and deeper.

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