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497 5 months ago 29:34

A Man Fucked A Depraved Mistress And Finished On Her Face

A preoccupied beauty named Katrina Jade, together with her lover, had passionate sex in a country house. After sex, the couple went back to pastel, take a break and chat for one thing. But after a couple of minutes of communication, the bitch began to caress her pussy and stretch out her hands to the guy's penis. After that, the slut threw off the blanket and attacked the lover's erect penis. The hungry slut sucked his cock so greedily, as if she hadn't had sex for a month, despite the fact that she fucked him literally five minutes ago. After a gorgeous blowjob and wet licking of the testicles, the bitch jumped on the bolt and actively jumped on it, caressing her pussy at the same time. The baby really wanted to cum and asked her lover to fry her hard with his bolt. The guy tried as hard as he could, changed poses, licked the whore's pussy, slapped her ass, but the bitch could not finish, and the man finished quite violently and filled the whole face of the young slut. The beauty immediately ran into the shower and said that she would come back for another stick, and this time she would definitely finish.

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