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208 2 months ago 35:45

A Man Fucks A Prisoner Hard Behind Bars

A couple of young people fell into the nets set by a maniac and they found themselves in a dark and damp prison, absolutely alone, behind a solid iron grate. The guy turned out to be a rather polite gentleman who enveloped a girl named Eliza Jane with care and affection. The passion between the prisoners appeared absolutely by chance and unexpectedly, as they imagined that they might not leave here at all, and the last pleasure that can be experienced is sex. The hopelessness of the situation sent them into each other's arms at a moment of complete despair, when the maniac forced them to undress and fuck. To indulge in low and depraved sex was a decision on which their lives depended. The girl clung to the penis hanging between the man's legs, and though not quickly, he still acquired a standing form, which the depraved kidnapper enjoyed. This story did not end with a blowjob, as the couple had to be satisfied enough, under the supervision of cameras watching them. The male finished very violently, right on the face of his cellmate, splattering both nostrils and eyes, but still getting out of the clutches of a ferocious monster turned out to be not so easy.

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