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A Maniac Brutally Raped Two Young Lesbians

Sexy beauties Karly Baker and Nicole Bexley have been living together for several weeks, the girls realized that they do not need guys at all for sexual pleasures, because the girls completely satisfy each other in bed. The neighbor boy always dreamed of fucking these girls, but the little ones always refused him and he decided to act more harshly and decisively. One day the boy snuck into the girls' house and called them on the phone, he said that they had to do everything he said, otherwise the little ones would be very bad. The beauties were very scared and decided to do everything that this maniac would tell them. The guy approached the girls, took out his hard cock and forced the little ones to give him a blowjob. The beauties were reluctant to do this, because they were not at all excited by male toys, but under threats they were forced to do it. After the blowjob, the guy tied the hands of each of the beauties and in turn began to pull the girls on his hard dick. At one point, the girls got very excited and forgot about the fact that they were being raped, because the guy behaved with them quite affectionately, but at the same time sex with two babies turned out to be pretty rough. A maniac in a variety of poses fucked young lesbians well, and especially often he was in the pink pussy of the appetizing Karly, after which he splashed his sperm right on the faces of young beauties.

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