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217 2 weeks ago 30:15

A Masseur With A Big Dick Fucked A Bitchy Client

The young masseur stayed for a few minutes, because of the big traffic jams in the city, and the client Liza Del Sierra met him with an angry look. No matter how he tried to talk the bitchy lady, nothing worked, the beauty continued to pour out her anger on him, even undressing and settling on the couch. The blonde criticized his every action, she did not like the relaxing stones, the oil that he diligently smeared on her back and big ass, even his silence irritated the bitch. Then the kid realized that it was necessary to proceed to drastic measures, and taking out his big dick, stuffed it into the girl's mouth. The slut did not expect this, and at first she just felt the head sliding over her tongue, but soon she got a taste and began to suck. The kid guessed that the aggressive skin has a simple nedotrach, and he, as a good employee of the SPA salon, is obliged to bring joy to the client. The beauty moaned passionately when the master licked her wet pussy and fucked her fingers. A scream broke from the lips of the lady, after the boy planted his healthy penis in her cap, and began to tear her hard.

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