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A Mustachioed Guy Entered A Pretty Girl

The guy came up behind a lovely girl named Raquel Diamond and, lowering her jacket from her shoulders, gently kissed them. The baby's outfit began to fall off, exposing her delicate body and small breasts. The couple merged in a passionate kiss, and the boy took her in his arms to carry her to the sofa. When he was comfortably settled, the baby unbuttoned her jeans and took the penis with her affectionate hands. But her mouth wanted more passion, so it began to swallow the head vigorously while the tongue caresses her inside. After the blowjob, the lover turned the beauty and spread her legs. The beautiful pussy was already wet with desire, but he also wanted to caress the labia and sensitive clitoris, tickling them with his mustache. The girl got tremendous pleasure from each of his touches and could not restrain her moans. The boy got up and smoothly inserted a penis into the bitch. At a leisurely pace, he began to fuck the beauty, driving deeper and a little faster each time. The slut turned her ass to him, and bent over so that the dick could enter her faster. The moustache sensually caressed the girl's back with his palm and continued to drive his hard cock.

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