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A Mustachioed Man Fucked His Daughter's Hot Girlfriend Hard

A sexy girl named Emma Starletto came to visit her friend without warning, a mustachioed peasant opened the door in front of our heroine, it was the father of the girl to whom baby Emma came. The uncle told the girl that his daughter is not at home right now, but she can wait for her from school for several hours. The blonde agreed to this, but the beauty's plans were definitely different from the very beginning. The girl went into her friend's room and immediately began rummaging through the closets, the baby wanted to put on the most revealing outfit for her friend and seduce her father. The bitch did not have to look for the right underwear for a long time, and very soon she was already in hot panties and a luxurious bra. In this form, the bitch went down to the dozing peasant, took out his hard penis and began to masturbate. When the uncle woke up, he was shocked by what he saw, his daughter's girlfriend was twisting his penis with her own hands, and at first it scared the peasant away. The bitch explained to the male that she has been dreaming of having sex with him for a long time, and that's why she came today. The uncle took out his penis and stuck it into the beauty's mouth, after which the mustachioed male licked the girl's pussy and fucked her hard with his stone penis in various poses.

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