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230 1 year ago 31:06

A Peasant Fucks A Girl While Playing Paintball

A charming dark-haired beauty gathered her friends to play paintball. Everyone was given equipment and the game started. Our beauty decided to cheat, so she quickly undressed and started running around the field completely naked, the guys could not shoot at the girl, but the cunning bitch killed everyone. At one point, she ran up to a healthy peasant, but the girl had no bullets left, so she was forced to become a hostage. The beauty was not upset and decided to seduce the peasant to distract him. The uncle was not averse to sticking his hard dick into a young beauty, so he took it out and our heroine began to do blowjob. While their friends were playing paintball, running around the field, a peasant on the same field, somewhere on the edge of the zone, fucked a young bitch hard, making her moan quite loudly. The cunning bitch completely exhausted the peasant and even took the warm sperm of the male directly on her face, after which she grabbed his weapon and shot him, thereby bringing victory to her team. The girl had a good time that day, having received great pleasure from the game and from wild sex.

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