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692 3 weeks ago 32:56

A Prison Guard Fucks A Prisoner Hard

A hot girl named Cleo Clementine got into prison, the baby is now sitting in solitary confinement and sometimes she only manages to talk to her supervisor. Today, the peasant took out her bottle of water and two pieces of bread, he pushed them through the bars, but the girl did not react to this in any way. Then the peasant decided to go into the camera and check the condition of the girl, because lately she sleeps a lot and eats little. The girl woke up and said that she didn't want to eat now, but she wanted something else. Cleo Clementine hinted to her guard that she wanted to taste his hard cock, and he happily took it out. The girl started doing a good blowjob, she already missed the members and for her it was like a fresh breath of air. The little girl gave the peasant a stunning blowjob, after which she spread her legs in front of him and invited him to enter the pink pussy. The warden with great pleasure pierced the pussy of the beauty right in the camera and began to fuck her properly, making her moan loudly from the huge buzz that the girl had missed for a long time.

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