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917 10 months ago 25:21

A Red-haired Beauty Has Fun With A Sexy Servant

A dark-haired beauty named Zoe Doll works as a servant for two appetizing lesbians, the baby often hears moans from their bedroom and often masturbates her pussy dreaming of these girls. At one point, the girls offered their servants to relax with them by the pool, our baby was very happy about it and immediately went to put on her brand new swimsuit. When the baby came out, she immediately conquered the hearts of lesbians with her appearance, one of the girls named Red Fox decided to have fun with her maid. The girls went into the living room where the beauties began to gently kiss and pull off each other's swimsuits. The red-haired beauty began to gently lick the shaved pussy of the dark-haired servant and in response received an even more tender cunnilingus. The girls had a very good time and each of the babies experienced a real orgasm. The beauty of Zoe Doll did not regret a bit that she slept with her mistress, by the way, this was the first lesbian experience for a pretty girl. After such wild sex, the Red Fox baby went to her girlfriend's bedroom where she told her how good their servants were. . .

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