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A Rich Man Gently Fucks Two Appetizing Students

It's unbearable heat on the street, two cute students Riley Reid and Megan Rain decided to break the law a little and get into someone else's pool, the girls were not particularly worried about the consequences as the heat clouded their minds. In the cold water, the beauties began to splash and from this they became very excited, the girls began to kiss gently, which led to lesbian sex. The little ones have never had lesbian sex, so it was something new for them, but their entertainment was interrupted by a rich owner who caught the girls in his pool. After a few questions, he realized that the girls were ready for anything and therefore decided to join their games. Without having time to take off their clothes, the crumbs dragged him into the water and started kissing him. Without leaving the pool, the peasant managed to lick the pussy of one of his friends and get a double blowjob from the girls. The girls decided to change their location a little and fuck with a peasant in his house. With the air conditioner running, it was not at all hot for them to have group sex, because even in the pool, the water quickly heated up from their passion. The peasant was happy to fuck such appetizing girls, even though he was not familiar with them. In different poses, he fucked each of the beauties, after which he finished them right in their mouths. The peasant offered the girls to come to him at any time if the little ones want high-quality sex.

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