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814 1 year ago 32:53

A Young Guy Forced A Girl To Fuck With Him

A young girl named Sabrina had a broken TV, naturally, the baby called a TV repair master. A nice guy came who liked the girl, the baby decided to start pestering him in her own way, but the guy didn't like this acquaintance and he decided to rape the girl. Tearing her clothes, the guy took out his penis and roughly shoved it into the girl's mouth. The beautiful Sabrina did not expect such rudeness from the guy, but the baby also wanted sex, so she did not resist much. Having fucked the girl well in her mouth, the master tore her short shorts and roughly entered the shaved pussy of the beauty. The baby tried to forget about the fact that the boy forced her to fuck, and decided to get maximum pleasure from sex. After the guy finished the girl in the mouth. he took the suitcase with tools and quickly left without even finishing repairing the TV.

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