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876 11 months ago 28:31

A Young Guy Fucks His Girlfriend's Hot Mom

A young guy named Xander Corvus came to visit his girlfriend to fuck her properly, the male constantly wanted to have sex and could not do anything about it. The girl of our hero constantly tried to hide the guy from her mom, who suspected something, and when she went to her room, the boy tried to go to the door to leave the house. When the male left the girl's room, he was very worried, because he did not want to catch the eyes of the baby's parents, so he went the wrong way and got a little lost. The guy unknowingly went into the room to his girlfriend's mom, who at that moment was standing in her panties and was shocked that some guy was wandering around her house. The male quickly explained to the lady that he was her daughter's boyfriend, although at that moment he was already thinking about how he would fuck this mature bitch. At that moment, the husband of a mature lady entered the room, and the guy hid in the closet, because if he had been caught in a room with a naked mother, it would have been a complete failure. When the guy was left alone with the mature woman, he began to lick her pussy, after which he took out his hard trunk and stuck it into the lady. As a result, the male fucked his girlfriend's mom properly in a variety of poses, and at the very end lowered the hot sperm directly into her mouth.

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