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459 10 months ago 22:31

A Young Kid Named Carl Fucks A Zombie Girl

Many of you have watched The Walking Dead series, and many have erotic fantasies on this topic, so we present you a porn parody of the Walking Dead series. In this episode, the grown-up Carl decides not to kill a pretty dead girl, but will fuck her properly, in the hope that the girl will come to life. The kid carefully got up to the walking baby from behind, stuck his finger into the girl's panties and actively began to masturbate her pussy, then Carl took out his dick and stuck it into the zombie girl's mouth, it was very dangerous because the dead baby could easily bite off his dick, but to everyone's surprise, the girl started sucking Carl's dick. Next, the boy put a blonde rotten beauty with cancer, and rigidly entered the narrow hole of an innocent girl and fucked her well on the roof of the house right in front of his team.

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