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Appetizing High School Girls Jump On The Teacher's Penis

Two sexy schoolgirls Karter Foxx and Scarlett Sage were left after school to talk about their behavior, the girls behaved very badly about this and were forced to stay after work. The little ones were sitting in an empty office and waiting for the teacher, he was very late and the crumbs decided that he would not come at all. The girls decided to have a little fun right in the school office, climbed on the teacher's desk and started kissing there. It didn't end with ordinary kisses, because from the sweet lips of each other, the girls got even more excited and decided to fool around. The little ones took off their panties and took turns licking each other's pussies. In the midst of lesbian sex, a teacher entered the office who was just blown away by what he saw, he decided to tell everything to the director and the parents of naughty babies, in which case the schoolgirls would have been quickly kicked out of school. The beauties convinced the peasant not to tell anyone about what happened, and in return, the crumbs promised to arrange an unforgettable sex for him. The teacher agreed to this, because this guy has not fucked young girls for a long time, and these high school girls promised him an unforgettable experience. The beauties immediately pulled off the guy's pants and took turns sucking his cock, after the blowjob, the teacher began to fuck young girls in turn and he did it very hard. A peasant in a variety of poses fucked two sexy schoolgirls, after which he finished the girls right on their cute faces.

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