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507 6 months ago 33:36

Bald Guy Fucks Girlfriend's Daughter In The Kitchen

The bald man was choosing breakfast products in the refrigerator, but he didn't find anything suitable. But a young blonde named Haley Reed suddenly came up, did not let him get upset and held a playful pen on his pants, and then pulled them off. The man did not expect that his girlfriend's daughter was such a lustful slut, but he did not strongly resist her attempts to seduce him. The bitch clung to the penis with her fingers and began to caress it, gradually taking it into her mouth. The sponges diligently sucked the head while the tongue slid over it. Having done a good job with her head, the skin wiped the sperm from her chin and, leaning on the table, bent. The man grabbed the crumb by the neck and abruptly inserted his healthy penis into the wet cap. The bitch moaned languidly, enjoying the deep and fast movements that brought a great feeling inside the crack. The lover threw the girl on the floor and began to hammer hard into the throat, holding her by the hair, after which she threw her back on the table, and he lay down next to her to plant the slut from behind. The beauty was in complete submission to him and twisted in various poses, getting pleasure from a hard cock in her pussy.

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