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330 5 months ago 26:57

Blonde Has Gentle Sex With Her Lover

Busty blonde Rossella Visconti woke up in her lover's loft and decided to surprise him. The gentle beauty put on white stockings with a garter, and when she saw herself in such a seductive outfit, she was immediately excited. The girl smoothly ran her fingers over her labia, gently parted them and began to stimulate the clitoris. Lust took over her more and more, because the baby took out her husband's gift, a big golden vibrator, and began to please herself on the bed. The slut's moans filled the whole room. The guy, hearing them, wanted to know what was going on, seeing his baby masturbating and slowly walked up to her and kissed her. The blonde smiled mischievously when he began to caress her body, descending from the papillae to the wet cap. His tongue penetrated inside the insatiable pussy, forcing the slut to close her eyes with pleasure. After a wonderful cunnilingus, the baby took off his boxer and greedily swallowed the penis. After treating the head with her mouth, the beauty jumped on top of him, turning her back to the boy. Her hips slid smoothly on the penis, bringing both great sensations.

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