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Brother Fucked Stepsister For Messing Up The House

When my brother came home after work, he found that the kitchen was a terrible mess, food wrappers, various garbage and underwear were scattered everywhere. For a lover of cleanliness, this is a real hell, and he is going to punish the bitch who made a mess. The half-sister of a boy named Monica Asis was calmly sitting in a dirty T-shirt and eating ice cream. When the beauty got up, the guy could not resist and slapped her ass, but along with an offended cry, excitement appeared in her eyes. He squeezed her gorgeous ass once more, held her on the back, the slut began to bend like a kitty during heat. Her brother took her by the hair and she completely lost control, all the sexy little girl wanted was to feel a dick. The concerned sister obediently took off her pants from her brother and began to suck the head, swallowing deeper with each movement, and then abruptly pulled it out of her throat and straddled it. Her pussy barely accepted the big guy, but quickly got used to his heat inside. The baby's hips moved passionately, making her breasts bounce with every push. At this moment, the man remembered what kind of dirt the slut had spread in the neighborhood and wanted to tear it off as punishment.

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