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Brunette Fucks With A Neighbor While Her Husband Is On A Business Trip

The guy went to a neighbor to discuss a problem with a tree located on their plot. His leaves constantly litter the lawn in the neighborhood and he asks to cut it down. Charming brunette Olive Glass treated him to coffee, and said that such issues are handled by her husband, who is constantly on business trips. The neighbor wanted to leave and personally hire workers, but the lustful beauty stopped him and, after looking with a languid look, took off her dress. Her papillae were already swollen with excitement, and the man could not resist this captivating view. Squeezing his breasts with passion, he began to caress the slut, covering her with kisses. His hand plunged into the panties and felt how much the cap was already wet. The skin pulled down his pants and grabbed his penis. The mouth eagerly plunged such a coveted penis into the mouth, and the tongue began to caress it diligently. After finishing with a blowjob, the skin jumped on the table so that the neighbor could lick her insatiable slit. After sweet cunnilingus, the man picked up the girl in his arms and carried her to the bedroom, where he abruptly planted a hot penis and began to fuck hard, slapping her lovely ass. The bitch twirled in various poses and enjoyed every action.

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