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406 3 weeks ago 21:02

Curly-haired Guy Fucked His Housekeeper Hard

A young beauty named Sophia Leone decided to get a job as a housekeeper for a rich guy, the girl knew that she didn't really need to do anything, and when she was at home herself, she could completely relax. The boy showed the girl his house, and decided to leave for a while, and the beauty at that moment remained at home alone. The girl decided to go to the pier to relax a little, but she could not even think that her new employer would put on a mask and force her to fuck with him. The guy first of all called the girl to warn her, after which he crept up behind her and grabbed her. The curly-haired male took the beauty to his house, tied her hands, took out his hard trunk and shoved it into the girl's mouth. The beauty had no choice but to suck the penis of this pervert. After the blowjob, the boy quickly pulled off the girl's panties and stuck his trunk into her pink pussy, a sexually preoccupied guy in a variety of poses fucked this bitch, finally lowering the sperm directly into the girl's mouth.

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