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Curvy Brunette Fucks With A Gentle Lover

Charming brunette with curvaceous Olivia Nice enjoyed the beautiful weather lying on the couch located in her garden. Under the noise of trees and the singing of birds, the girl typed a message to her beloved that she was bored, and smiled mischievously, feeling her lover's hands touch her stomach. He immediately begins to cover her with kisses, touching her neck and big tits with his lips. Soon, the beauty unbuttons her bra, allowing the guy to enjoy his papillae and lush breasts. But the baby also wants to do something nice, and, lowering his pants, pulls out a dick. He has been excited for a long time, and the bitch's mouth easily sucks the head, clamping it with his lips, before completely swallowing the entire trunk. The girl likes to play with his penis while lying on her tummy, but the lover decided to put her on her back and spread her legs to caress her pussy. The chubby slut closes her eyes and moans languidly when his fingers penetrate inside, and the tongue plays sweetly with the clitoris. And now the girl can't stand it anymore and her man feels it. Once behind her back, he lifts his leg and smoothly inserts his dick into her cap.

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