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Cute Girl Wanted To Fuck With Her Best Friend

Baby Melissa Moore has known the guy since childhood and remembers how he pierced his lips, knows about all his adventures, and which girls he prefers. After listening to his next worries about the breakup, the beauty decided to take a step that he had wanted for a long time. Taking a friend by the hand, the girl said she wanted to know if he was really such a great lover, as he tells. He did not want to fuck his girlfriend, but the persistent baby seduced him, pressing him to her in a passionate kiss. Feeling the taste of her lips, he lifted the girl in his arms and sat her on the kitchen set, taking off her dress. The lovely breasts of the beauty fit perfectly in his hands, and the sensitive papillae slipped between his fingers during caresses. Gradually, he began to descend lower, and, pushing aside his panties, ran his tongue over the wet cap. The bitch moaned with pleasure when he did a nice cunnilingus, and got even stronger. Pulling off his pants, the slut took a cock in her mouth, which she had long dreamed of, and began to suck it, gradually plunging it into her throat. The couple is finally honest in their feelings, and the boy happily bent his girlfriend to tear her right in the kitchen.

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