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Friends Gave The Guy A Miniature Girl

When he came home, the guy saw a strange note and a silk red ribbon. It turned out that caring friends had prepared some kind of surprise for him and asked him to take a few steps to get ready. The birthday boy took off his T-shirt, sat on the sofa and tightly blindfolded himself. Once he was out of sight, he heard someone else appear in the room with a light tread. After a few moments, the man's penis was squeezed by a gentle hand, she caressed him through his jeans, but soon the pants flew off the floor. A healthy horseradish appeared before the eyes of a miniature Indian woman named Shrima Malati, which the baby was incredibly happy about. The slut began to slowly lick and suck the eggs, wrap her lips around the head, sweetly playing with her tongue. From such pleasure, he completely stood up. The baby began to actively swallow him in the throat, but the big guy could not enter completely, then the slut threw the guy on the sofa, untied the ribbon, and the little girl sat on top. Seeing the delicate body in front of him, the birthday boy immediately grabbed her by the hips and smoothly sat her on his penis, while simultaneously running his tongue over the papillae. The narrow pussy of the baby squeezed tightly, delivering incredible pleasure, the boy was glad of such a delightful gift.

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