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Guy Fucks His Brother's Hot Girlfriend

A young brunette named Alex Coal does not even suspect that her boyfriend conspired with his brother and they exchanged their girls. The beauty thought that she was going to visit her beloved's brother, but when he left her alone with his brother, and told them to have fun, the girl was in complete shock. He is the brother of his boyfriend, she found out that his girlfriend is now with the boy of our heroine, and that now they will also have fun. Although Alex didn't really want to, she still agreed to sleep with her boyfriend's brother. The male quickly took out his big dick and began to shove it into the brunette's mouth, the girl started sucking the hard trunk of the male, giving him a very high-quality blowjob. After a good suction, the boy plunged his hard trunk into the wet pussy of the beauty, forcing the bitch to moan loudly from his powerful penis. The girl experienced just incredible sensations from cheating on her boyfriend, she could not even think that having fun on the side could be so pleasant. It all ended with the fact that the guy lowered the sperm right on the face of the beauty, thereby completing a good sex!

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