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Guys In Two Dicks Fuck A Curvy Lady Hard

A rich kid named Xander, along with his friend whose name is Markus, decided to take part in a charity event, the guys were ready to give a lot of money to spend the night with a hot busty brunette named Angela White. The lady loves sex very much and is ready to fully satisfy any of the guys, the main thing is that he gave a good amount for sex with her, which will go to charity. As a result, a boy named Xander won, and the beauty took the guy by the penis and led him into a room where the guy will have to experience the best sex in his life. First of all, the girl gave the boy a great blowjob, after which she climbed on his hard trunk and began to fuck with the boy. Markus still could not accept defeat and decided to join this couple, he secretly went into the room, took out his hard trunk and stuck it in the ass of the beauty, just at the moment when Xander fucked the lady in a wet pussy. In the end, everyone agreed that group sex would be much better than usual, despite the fact that Markus was ready to pay the entire amount for his friend, he was the main thing to fuck this curvy girl.

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