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Jamie Fucked A Young Blonde In Front Of Cersei

The kingdom is in great danger, a horde of white walkers has broken through the wall and death is moving to the lands of Westeros. Jon Snow challenged the creepy dead, but it is impossible to cope with the crowd alone, there is only one way out to ask for help from all the living. The only ruler capable of sending help is in King's Landing and sits on the iron throne. As a former black brother, he went to the Lanisters alone, but what he saw was incredible. Two actresses played the roles of the mother of dragons Daenerys Targaryen and the queen in front of her ruler. But the beauties were unconvincing and one had to be executed. To save the second Jamie takes her to his chambers and shows his huge blade hidden in his pants. He has become harder than steel for a long time and wants to taste the flesh of a blonde. The actress did not lose her head, showed how well she knows her deep throat and tongue. The pussy was already bleeding from the desire to let in a huge cock and experience the full power of the house of Lanisters. Moans of pleasure attracted the most lustful slut in the palace. Cersei watched her brother pull on a commoner and wished to join the hot action. Her royal holes will be well licked and prepared for her brother's hefty cock.

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