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Lesbian Tries Sex With A Healthy Black Man

Sexy blonde Shona River was in a lesbian relationship with a mulatto named Kira Noir, but recently she met a healthy black man and wanted to try sex with a boy. In the early morning, the blonde woke up in a pastel with her girlfriend. The cute mulatto began passionately kissing the bitch and caressing her pussy with her hand, but since the beauty needed to hurry to work, she stopped passionate caresses and went to get ready. At this time, a text message from her new friend came to the blondie's phone, asking to see her. The girl hid the acquaintance from her beloved, because she understood that she would be offended. As soon as the brunette left for work, the depraved bitch got dressed and went to visit the Negro. Upon arrival to a dark-skinned friend, the bitch immediately got down to business. They went to the bedroom and started with passionate kisses, then the slut took a big dick in her mouth and made a good blowjob. Spreading his legs, the man noticed that the cutie was flowing heavily and clearly wanted to fuck as soon as possible. The guy did not delay the process and hotly fucked a lesbian.

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