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278 8 months ago 32:02

Lustful Mistress Fucked A Thief For A Stolen Lamp

The guy saw a beautiful lamp from a friend and wanted to take it away. When the house should be empty, he put on a ski mask and made his way inside. But when the thing was in the hands of the robber, the charming wife of a friend named Jade Jantzen entered the room in sexy lingerie. She was amazed at what was happening, as was the thief. The guy told about his sympathy for an unusual piece of furniture, and the hostess allowed her to take it on one condition, the man must fuck her, otherwise she will tell her lover about what happened. The hapless thief had no choice but to please a lustful bitch with depraved desires. After hearing the agreement, the slut pulled off her pants and began greedily sucking a healthy penis, licking the eggs. Her mouth has long wanted to enjoy this big guy, but the pussy also wanted to have fun. The baby clung to the fireplace, exposing her ass, and asked to caress her hungry holes. Rough fingers passionately caressed the wet pussy, and the tongue created pleasant sensations. When the passionate brunette was ready, the guy abruptly inserted a penis into her and began smooth movements, gradually accelerating. A horny whore enjoyed her husband's friend.

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