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509 6 months ago 40:17

Masseuse Skillfully Fucked With A Young Client

Husband and wife are constantly fighting. Even when they come to the beauty salon, they sit in the corridor with dissatisfied faces. The wife nags her man all the time, and he answers her with barbs. They clearly need to relax and exhale. Fortunately, it's my husband's turn to stretch his bones and they take him away. A masseuse named Nicole Aniston is a young sexy blonde who knows how best to relieve tension for a man. After undressing him, she puts him on a special massage table, where she does standard stretches. However, very soon the man feels the employee's hand in the wrong places where it should be. The girl shoved her under a towel and jerks off his cock. The guy didn't expect this, but he didn't mind. Professional, takes off the towel and starts sucking, licking the head of the penis. The guy is over the moon with happiness. He puts the girl on her knees and they fuck using a variety of poses. As a result of this massage, the guy ends up on the girl's face and impressive breasts. At this moment, the wife comes in and starts chasing the betrothed around the office. Well, the main thing is that he managed to relieve the tension.

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