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327 2 months ago 19:26

School Bus Driver Fucks A High School Student

A mature peasant works as a bus driver and is forced to transport violent second-year students, these guys and girls have long been eighteen years old, but they are forced to go to school because they stayed for the second year. The man is sick of driving these rabid teenagers, but he simply has no way out. One day he noticed one of the high school girls, namely Kacy Lane, looking at him, and at one point the girl approached the driver and started flirting with him. The peasant was not averse to fucking a young beauty, and since the girl was over 18 years old, nothing stopped him. Right on the bus, the baby started sucking the driver's penis, after which she gave herself to him right in the bus cabin. The peasant fucked a nice girl with great joy, because at his age it is already difficult to find such a young partner.

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