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757 2 months ago 25:40

Sexy Guy Gently Fucks A Seductive Baby

A young beauty named Paula Shy returned home after a long absence, the girl really missed her beloved boyfriend and first of all wanted to enjoy gentle sex with him. The girl walked around the house and found no one, then the baby went into the bathroom and saw her beloved taking a shower. The beauty was very excited by this and decided to please the boy properly with her mouth. The guy was very happy to see his beauty, because he also missed her very much and wanted to fuck her properly. The beauty properly made a very gentle blowjob of the guy, after which the couple went to the bedroom. The next morning, the boy again wanted to fuck the baby, so he quickly took the girl into the bedroom and began to lick her tender pussy. After a great cunnilingus, the boy entered the girl and began to fuck her quite gently. The beauty was absolutely delighted with sex with her beloved, because she missed it very much when she was away. The guy fucked the girl well and at the very end threw out a fountain of sperm right on the tummy of a sexy baby.

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