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Stepfather Severely Punishes His Young Daughter With A Sweet Tooth

A young depraved girl Lucy Doll loves sweets very much, but her new stepfather forbids the baby to eat sweets, motivating it by the fact that they get fat from them. The beautiful Lucy made her way into the kitchen and secretly decided to eat a couple of sweets from the new daddy, but an angry stepfather ran into the kitchen and decided to punish the naughty girl. He put the baby with cancer and began to slap her on the ass, after which he forced the beauty to suck his candy. The young girl didn't care what kind of candy to hold in her mouth, just to suck something. The excited stepfather decided to taste his stepdaughter's pussy, he put the girl on the kitchen table and climbed on a young brunette. The baby happily spread her legs in front of her stepfather, because the girl was very obedient and almost always obeyed adults.

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