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190 3 months ago 30:43

The Boy Fucked His Boss's Daughter Very Gently

A skinny beauty named Lucie Cline returned home to her beloved daddy for the holidays, but her father did not meet our girl the way she expected it. The baby was a little upset about this, but tried to distract herself from sad thoughts by getting acquainted with a nice guy who just worked for the baby's father. One day, left at home alone with the boy, our beauty decided to sunbathe and it was at this moment that the boy decided to join her. The girl really wanted to relax somehow, so she offered the boy to have hot sex with her. The guy was only in favor, because he dreamed of fucking this baby as soon as he saw her. The boy quickly took the girl to the bedroom where he quickly pulled off her panties and began to lick her sweet pussy. The girl was absolutely delighted with this, because the beauty did not expect such a rush from the male. After a great cunnilingus from the guy, he took out his hard trunk and stuck it into the beauty's mouth, the girl gave the boy a great blowjob, after which she climbed on his dick and fucked him in a variety of poses.

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