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The Boy Harshly Raped His Beloved Sister

The young girl Kimmy Granger is by nature a lark, the girl wakes up very early every day and first of all does exercises, the baby is used to doing it to loud music, which her brother does not like very much, who likes to soak up under the blanket. Since childhood, they had a very strange relationship that often ended in swearing, and after that they could be angry at each other for months. This time the guy got tired of the girl waking him up with loud music every morning and he decided to end it once and for all. The guy started yelling at the baby, and the girl in turn started yelling at her brother, it all ended with the girl starting to tease her brother by the fact that he doesn't have a girlfriend and he often jerks off at night, this was the last straw for the guy, he grabbed the girl, tore her T-shirt, put her on his knees and started hard fuck her in the mouth. The girl tried to escape, but she couldn't do anything because the guy was holding her tightly. There was not enough blowjob for the guy, so he tore the leggings in which the baby was and shoved his penis into her pussy. The girl did not expect such actions from the guy and was just shocked that her brother was raping her. At one point, the girl even liked to fuck with her brother, but this moment cannot change the fact that the girl was fucked against her will. The guy fucked his sister well, then finished the girl right on her face and went on to sleep, the baby was shocked by all this and she had nothing left but to cry.

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