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The Doctor Fucked A Modest Student In His House

After classes, a modest student with glasses and a folder in her hands named Adria Rae was returning to her home, when she saw her father's open car, she got behind the wheel and a call from their family doctor went off in her phone, who urgently invited the girl for an examination. A young doctor, after a conversation with a girl who came to him, asked her to undress, take off her bra, allegedly for palpation of a malignant tumor with her hands. However, the young beauty could not imagine that their doctor, who has been leading her anamnesis all her life, had a passion for young bodies. In order to bring the young creature to an intimate conversation, the doctor announced to her a terrible suspicion of an incurable diagnosis, and then, when the girl was covered with a wave of despondency, a bearded medical worker took advantage of the situation and offered his intimate services, with the aim of a magical cure. The man laid the student on her back and began caressing her wet vagina, which smelled of desire and passion. The stallion's hands and his tongue touched the girl's pussy and a shiver ran through her body, requiring continued intimacy, and the depraved doctor only needed this. The man forced the young lady to make a blowjob, and then passionately fucked, ignoring all moral principles, but bringing both himself and the girl to an orgasm that supposedly cures all diseases.

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