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828 10 months ago 22:39

The Guy Fucked His Delicious Girlfriend Very Gently

A charming Russian beauty named Shrima Malati decided to get a pedicure in the morning, the girl sat down as she was comfortable and began to paint her fingers with varnish. Her lover immediately approached her, who adored looking at the legs of the beauty and was often excited by this. It was a boy's fetish, he adored kissing and licking the legs of the beauty, but most of all he liked it when the girl jerked off his hard penis with her feet. The beauty understood how it would end, so she easily hinted to the male that he could do what he loves most. The boy immediately began to gently kiss the beauty, gradually getting closer to her slender legs, Reaching his girlfriend's feet, the guy began to gently kiss and lick them, and from this our hero's penis immediately rose. The hero took it out and began to poke between the girl's legs, getting more and more excited with every second. The girl was also excited at that moment, and wanted to feel the guy's penis in her pussy, so she spread her legs in front of him and invited him to her. The boy happily licked the pussy of the dark-haired beauty first, after which he gently fucked the girl in a variety of poses.

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