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The Guy Fucked His Friend's Fiancee Right Before The Wedding

A sexy pyshechka named Lennox Luxe was a little confused before her wedding, the baby ignores her fiance's calls and thinks about her fate. The guy is worried about his fiancee, so he asks his friend to go check on the girl. When a guy comes into the room to the baby, he sees how the girl is diligently masturbating her pink pussy, the guy decided to follow the masturbation of the red-haired pyshechka, but the girl quickly saw him. The girl was very excited, so she decided to seduce her future husband's best friend and have a good time at last. The baby took out a hard cock of the boy and began to give him a passionate blowjob. After sucking, the beauty bared her lush breasts and allowed the male to fuck her properly between her tits. The boy thoroughly fucked the red-haired beast between her big milks and after that rushed his cock into her pink pussy. The boy fucked his best friend's future wife properly and it was the best sex in his life, he will definitely not forget such an event. At the end of the last betrayal, the boy lowered the sperm directly into the mouth of the red-haired baby, thereby putting his mark on her, because the guy will now always remember this betrayal on his part and the side of the red-haired beauty.

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