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824 11 months ago 34:49

The Guy Got Into A Lot Of Money After Good Sex

A charming girl named Vina Sky, along with her gang, has been renting a room in a very expensive hotel for the second week, of course they cannot pay the bills, so the Asian beauty decides to find a victim to throw that for money. The beauty sees a young lonely guy in the bar, it is him that our beauty decides to cheat. Vina Sky knows how to communicate with guys, so it is not difficult for her to seduce a young guy and take him to her room. At that moment, the peasant could not think of anything but our heroine, because the girl charmed him and the guy even fell in love with her. The bitch brought the guy to her room, quickly pulled off his pants and started sucking a hard dick. At that moment, Seth Gamble thought that he was the happiest guy in the world, because he was noticed by such a passionate girl for the sake of good sex. After the blowjob, our hero tried hard to satisfy the beauty, and he did it. After sex, the guy immediately fell asleep, and the baby quickly left the room, leaving all the bills for this poor guy.

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