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The Kid Tore Off The Blonde Who Wanted To Part With Him

Charming blonde Jessica Jones thought for a long time where their relationship with the guy was going, and decided to break up, since she did not see a future together and he was too soft. The kid turned out to be very sensitive, and even cried against the wall, he really loved the beauty, and is ready to apply such a cunning method. The girl began to comfort him and, sitting on the sofa, jumped on top. He didn't understand what else the baby wanted, but when he saw how the T-shirt rolled off his shoulders, exposing his lovely tits, he immediately cheered up. He squeezed her breasts, kissed her nipples, and, slapping the bitch in the face, put her on her knees, pressing her to his fly. The girl was excited by this attitude, and, unbuttoning his pants, began to suck a hard cock. The boy held her by the head, and passionately hammered into her mouth, which made the baby almost choke, but wound up even more. After a deep blowjob, the boy laid the girl and spread her legs. He began to lick her cap passionately, stimulating her clitoris with his tongue, causing the skin to shake and roll her eyes. He was pleased with the result, and abruptly planted his healthy penis on her, and began to fuck furiously in various poses.

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