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The Peasant Fucked Two Hot Beauties Properly

A hot blonde named Elsa Jean, along with her girlfriend, whose name is Katrina Jade, have long dreamed of having group sex with their rich neighbor, the girls hinted in every possible way to the guy that they wanted to taste his penis, but the peasant did not understand the hints. One day he decided to act himself, so he invited these seductive bitches to him and told them in plain text that he wanted to have sex with them. The beauties were absolutely delighted with such an offer and ran to this lover with great pleasure. The beauties without hesitation immediately attacked the hard trunk of the peasant and began to suck him skillfully, these girls were able to do blowjob, and most importantly, they loved it very much. After the blowjob, the dark-haired beauty Katrina was the first to anoint her pink hole on the hard trunk of the peasant and began to jump skillfully on it, at this time our lover skillfully moistened the sweet pussy of the blonde with his tongue. Very soon the girls swapped places, so today this man's penis was enough for everyone, because in bed he turned out to be just a great lover.

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