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529 11 months ago 37:38

The Policeman Fucked Two Seductive Girls Hard

A sexy girl was detained on the street for immoral behavior, a policeman dragged the beauty into a dirty cell by force and said that this was her nearest house for a few days. Our beauty disagreed with the peasant and tried in every way to challenge her detention, but when the girl realized that she could not get out of prison in any way, she decided to seduce the guy so that he would let her go after a small service. The beauty took off her outer clothes right behind the bars, exposing her breasts, and in this form began to seduce the peasant. The male was not averse to having fun with this bitch, he took out his penis and slipped it to the beauty, and she, in turn, began to give the policeman an incredible blowjob. The girl thought that now she would definitely be released, but the peasant decided to take her to his boss, so that she would already decide what to do with this dirty slut. The boss, having learned that the beauty is not averse to having fun properly, invited her and her subordinate to have group sex, after which the girl will be free. The baby happily licked the blonde bitch's pussy first, then fucked her and the policeman in a variety of poses.

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