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The Real Estate Buyer Fucked The Young Mistress Of The House

The young mistress of Dillion Harper fusses before the arrival of the next client who decided to look at the house, she strives to show her home in the best light. Here on the threshold appeared a handsome, powerfully built male, who was slowly inspecting the property together with an attractive hostess, beckoning with her transparent skirt and wide neckline in a blouse. The distance between still strangers became less and less, and the tension between them increases, in proportion to the desire of the stallion to subdue the sweet beauty. The positive decision affected the mood of the young bitch so much that she took off her shoes and began to undress slowly and shyly in conversation with the guy, gradually exposing her elegant female body in front of him. As soon as the lady was left in her underwear, the guy lay down on his back and offered to get acquainted with his slightly risen stallion, asking for caresses and touches of lips. The former mistress clumsily, but qualitatively performed a blowjob, from which the buyer's penis fairly increased and petrified, while the throat of the beauty almost choked on his thick flesh. The guy fucked a beautiful woman in a very tough manner, who asked for mercy from her.

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