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279 3 weeks ago 31:34

The Robber Running Away From The Owner Of The House Fucked His Daughter

A young guy decided to rob one of the houses, but did not think that the owner of the house might have a gun, now the thief can only run away from an armed old man who clearly wants to shoot him. Trying to hide, the guy ran into the room to the owner's daughter, who at that moment was masturbating her pink slit watching good porn. The boy began to beg the girl not to tell daddy anything, because he was really afraid for his life. The baby listened to the robber and did not hand him over to her father, but only because the girl wanted to fuck with a stranger and it was a very good moment. The beauty took out the thief's penis and started sucking it, then spread her legs and invited the guy to lick her pussy. The obedient boy did everything that a young libertine would ask, because his life and health depend on it. The beauty had a very good time with this male, but she couldn't just let the thief go, so she called her father, who immediately ran into his daughter's room, and seeing such a picture in front of him, directed the barrel straight at the robber. . .

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