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Two Girlfriends Had Sex During A Quarrel

Two cute girlfriends named Alessandra Jane and Amber Deen can not share one strong insatiable stallion, so a stormy fight arose between them, with tears and tantrums. The couple even began to fight from a disagreement in their inseparable friendship, but a compromise arose by itself and it turned into a frank sexual adventure. The plump lips of one of them clung to the appetizing neck of a girlfriend and a shiver ran through the case from this touch, and the hand that penetrated under the panties felt a wet pussy and a clitoris reacting to caresses. Soon the clothes of the newly minted mistresses were on the floor, and their lips and hands passionately and insatiably caressed each other's most intimate and hot places. The most active of them greedily licks her girlfriend's sweet shaved pussy, thrusting a couple of female fingers into her hot flesh, instead of a male phallus. The girls experienced a simultaneous very strong orgasm from rubbing wet pussies, their exchange of voluptuous juice made the beauties scream with pleasure. In the future, the passion that arose in them turned into a long and strong lesbian relationship, with complete disregard for men.

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